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Solar panel Rate in Pakistan

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Solar Plate Price in Pakistan Today Latest Longi Rate Saturday 20 July 2024

The price of longi solar panel start from Rupees 35 per watt to 40 Rupees per watt. Here is a table that will help you to know the price of most selling models of Longi in the Pakistani market.

longi solar panel price in Pakistan 2024

On/OFF Gird & Hybrid solar system price in Pakistan

solar system price with load management

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Solar Inverters price:

Knox 6kw solar inverter price in Pakistan
Growatt 10kwRs:295000
Growatt 15kwRs:350000
Growatt 20kwRs:438000
Growatt inverter price in pakistan
Crown Elego6kwRs:228000
Crown Xavier3.6kwRs:140000
Crown Nova8.2kwRs:360000
crown inverter price in Pakistan
Tesla HLE 6kwRs:248000
Tesla Infini6kwRs:235000
Tesla HLE 8kwRs:295000
Tesla inverter price in pakistan
Knox Pv7200 Hybrid Solar Inverter6 kwRs:210000
Knox PV7500 Hybrid solar inverter6 kwRs:220000
Knox PV8000 Hybrid Solar Inverter 6 kwRs:228000
Crown Elego Hybrid solar inverter6 kwRs:228000
Crown Xavier Nova 8.2KW Hybrid inverter8.2 kwRs:360000
Tesla HLE on gird & Hybrid inverter6 kwRs:238000
Tesla Infini VIII 3Kw-4500-24V Hybrid solar inverter3 kwRs:180000
Growatt 10kw on gird solar inverter10 kwRs:295000
Growatt 15kw on gird solar inverter15 kwRs:350000
Growatt 20kw on gird solar inverter20 kwRs:438000
solar inverter price in Pakistan latest price

JA Solar Panel price in Pakistan todaySaturday 20 July 2024

Here is the list of most selling panels of JA brand. JA solar panel price starts from Rs.38 per watt to Rs.40 per watt in Pakistan.

Ja solar panel

Jinko A grade Solar Plate Today Rate Saturday 20 July 2024

Jinko solar panel prices in Pakistan start from Rs.36 per watt to Rs.39.50 per watt. Here is a list of some most selling models of the Jinko brand.

Jinko solar panel price

Today Canadian Solar Panel Price Saturday 20 July 2024

Canadian solar panel

Solar Panels price in Different cities of pakistan

CityRupees Per Watt
solar panel price in IslamabadRS. 36. to 42/watt
solar panel price in BahawalpurRS. 36. to 40/watt
solar panel price in RawalpindiRS. 36 to 41/watt
solar panel price in LahoreRS. 36 to 40/watt
solar panel price in QuettaRS. 35 to 39/watt
solar panel price in FaisalabadRS. 36 to 39/watt
solar panel price in PeshawarRS. 35 to 38/watt
solar panel price in KarachiRS. 36 to 39/watt
solar rate in different cities

NOTE: The price of Solar panels in Pakistan can vary in your city .But price depending on a few reasons for this. For instance, you might find solar panels cheaper in Karachi as compared to Islamabad or Peshawar.
To get the best deal, visit the wholesale market for solar panels near your city. You can also visit stores that are authorized dealers of solar panels.


BrandPrice USD
Longi0.10$ to 0.14$ per watt
Jinko0.09$ to 0.12$ per watt
Inverex0.10$ to 0.13$ per watt
Canadian 0.09$ to 0.13$ per watt
solar rates in international market

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